Ajagurajah angrily bought everything from a waakye seller to piss off a guy who disrespected him [WATCH]

Spiritual Leader, Prophet Ajagurajah earlier today exhibited his financial strength over a guy who disrespected him.

According to him, he went to a ‘waakye’ joint to get some waakye for his breakfast. The seller after recognizing him decided to serve him first before the people who are already in the queue.

A disgruntled customer who felt he needs to be served first queried the Wakye Seller’s decision to serve Ajagurajah before the other customers.

This didn’t go well with the President of the Ajagurajah Movement. He bought and paid for in full, everything from the Wakye Seller.

According to Bishop, he packed everything into his car and left after payment.

This was to teach the guy a lesson for insisting that the Wakye has to be served on first come first served basis.

He wants to know if he’s done something wrong by buying everything to piss the guy off.