I trained Felicia Osei but she took over my job at Onua FM – AJ Poundz

Media presenter cum socialite, AJ Poundz, has disclosed how she and Felicia Osei were paired as co-hosts of Onua’s Mid-Morning Show, but later found out that the TikTok star was going to take over interestingly.

In an interview with Zionfelix, AJ Poundz, who appears pained about the development, said everyone at the media house, except her, knew that Felicia was replacing her for good, as her flyers were all over.

“I felt bad because I was the one who even trained her” – AJ Poundz on Felicia Osei replacing her at Onua FM
This was after she (AJ Poundz) was asked to train Felicia, who joined the company as a novice.

AJ Poundz said it was after the rumours went wild that management called to inform her of the change.

She said management showed her new flyers projecting Felicia as the only host of the program after they (Felicia and AJ Poundz) had earlier ones with their faces on them.

“I was there when they brought Felicia Osei to me and I was asked to train her so she could be my co-host on the Mid-Morning show. Mid-morning shows are done at peak times and for a lady to moderate such shows, its no joke. I did Mid-morning for two years and Felicia is my young sister so I did not mind training her.

“After a week, I started hearing rumours all around that there are flyers out there, depicting that she is going to be the sole host of the show. Prior to this, there were flyers with both of us on it and I don’t know what changed. They then brought the flyers to me that she is taking over and what can I say? I was then told to take over Aben Waha and Girls Kasa on TV. As for the radio, I was told that they will discuss with me later.”

It can be recalled that after Felicia Osei signed her contract with Media General, she was asked during an interview on Showbiz 360 what exactly her roles were, and the Tik Tok star said she had no idea.