Agya Koo threatens to sue Adom TV

Agya Koo threatens to sue Adom TV after publishing false information about him.

He said the media outlet had tarnished his image and his effort to promote the good works of the government.

Kofi Adu, also known as Agya Koo  said while speaking on a phone interview with Kwaku Annan on Net 2 TV last night.

He was heard saying;

“I received a call from Adom TV to speak on the trend of security in the country at the moment and certain issues that were reported to have come from me. But I declined, telling them that I have not uttered anything concerning what they are asking me so I cannot comment on it. The next set of calls directed me to take a look at what they have published saying that I have condemned the NPP, telling people to send their children to school abroad. Will I advice people against what I am doing?”

“This time around I am not letting them off the hook for this false publication. They will hear from me soon”

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