Agradaa Will Die In Two Weeks- Apostle Prince Asamoah Boadu

Fetish priestess Patricia Asieduwaa is said to have repented after her arrest by the Ghana police service for operating a television station without a license. Patricia’s proclamation of repentance on social media is seen operating a  Christian church after 9 months of her repentance with over 100 persons attending her church who are said to be fully registered members. 

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After her repentance, Patricia Asiedu is seen on social media using her platform to preach the bible and is also seen exchanging profanity words with some social media commentators as they disprove her converting to Christianity due to some behaviors she presents on the social media. 

Apostle Prince Asamoah Badu on Steven Media Official on Youtube stated the priestess who is said to have converted to Christianity is not of God but using a familiar spirit which Apostle Prince stated her converting to Christianity is of her using idol worship underground but the operating in the name of Christianity in the sight of persons to cover her evil dead. Challenge Patricia to meet him one on one to prove the spirit of the kind of god in her.

Closing his presentation, he stated if Agradaa continues to mislead the people of God, she will die in two weeks. 


Below is the video: