Agradaa Scammed Her Nigeria Pastors over 40 Thousand Ghana Cedis

Patricia Asiedu popularly known as Agradaa, who admitted to defrauding people with money doubling when she was working as a traditional chief priestess is now trending on social media for scamming pastors she invited from Nigeria to ordinate her to qualify her to become a Christian evangelist prophetess. 

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During the time of her ordination, members of the Ghanaian clergy denied her ordination leading her to invite pastors from Nigeria to ordain her as an evangelist prophetess.

 As the ordination was proceeding, it was preached that, if Patricia had scammed anyone during the of her priestess, she scammed to build the church of God. So all victims should forgive and accept her as their Evangelist Prophetess. 

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On Monday, October 17, 2022, Oman Channel on Youtube reported that Patricia scamming those pastors she invited from Nigeria. 

The report also stated that with the Ghanaian Christians refusing to accept to ordain her to become an evangelist she contracted Nigerian pastors under an agreement to pay them off 40 billion old Ghana cedis. News broke that, after the ordination, Patricia then gave them 150 million old Ghana currency. 

It is also said Patricia refuses to answer phone calls from any of the pastors she invited from Nigeria, leading one of the pastors who did not have enough transportation to return cries out for help. 

Evangelist Patricia Asiedu is now in police custody for scamming some members who attended her church. 

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Her ordination took place at the church she bought when she was a traditional priestess name Heavenway Champion International Ministry as she was dressed in a blue and white robe.

Below is an audio report: