Agradaa church members demand her release [WATCH]

Former dubious fetish priestess now evangelist Nana Agradaa has been in the news for the past few days after she was accused of defrauding her church members.

She was subsequently arrested by the police for assist investigation.

According to the police, anyone who is a victim of the alleged money doubling scam should report to the Accra Regional Police Command for further action to assist the investigation.

Nana Agradaa was accused of duping vast sums of money from her church members after promising to perform her infamous ‘sika gari’ money-doubling miracle.

Members captured in videos trending on social media say that Agradaa claimed on her TV program that she would double any money they bring to her incoming monthly all-night prayers.

After taking their money, they say she refused to double the money nor give them back the initial amounts they paid to her.

However, after her arrest, Agradaa’s members who were allegedly scammed have asked the police service to release their leader.