Afia Schwar blasts Vivian Jill for envying Tracey Boakye’s marriage

Ghanaian comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger has reacted to claims that one of her best friends, Tracey Boakye snatched actress Vivian Jill’s boyfriend.

A video sighted online has the mother of twins slamming persons who tagged Tracey Boakye as a husband snatcher.

With rage, she narrated how a section of the public has tarnished Tracey’s image over the famous ‘Papa no’ saga. She added that her recent union came as a shock to haters who wished nothing good for the actress and movie producer nicknamed ‘East Legon Landlady’.

“Are Ghanaians mad? First, it was ‘papa no’ and now that she is married, you still have issues. Why can’t you leave my daughter (Tracey) alone? What is your problem? We all are people’s exes,” Afia Schwazneger fumed.

She continued as she spewed allegations saying: “You stayed with a man for 10 years but left him to go have a child with another man. What were you expecting? You thought he was a power bank right?

“If you care to know, he was my daughter’s ex before dating you. Shut up with the nonsense about ‘I will talk at the right time’. The marriage will never crush so you all better deal with it. Fools,” Afia stated in a video shared on her Instagram page on August 2.

Afia further declared that Tracey’s marriage will work no matter what! And nothing can break down the beautiful bond between Tracey Boakye and her husband.