“Adwoa Safo isn’t my wife, I only have 2 kids with her so stop asking of her from me” – Kennedy Agyapong warns

Outspoken politician, Kennedy Agyapong has sent stern caution to persons who ask him about the whereabouts of Dome Kwabenya lawmaker, Sarah Adwoa Safo.

According to Mr. Agyapong, these questions annoy him because Adwoa Safo is not his wife and has no control over what he does.

Adwoa Safo, who is also the Minister for Children and Gender, has not been in Ghana since 2021.

Her long absence has caused a lot of trouble, and the Privileges Committee of Parliament has asked her to explain herself.

Kennedy Agyapong told Sunyani’s Suncity Radio’s morning show that even though he used to date her and they had two children together, she is now an adult and also married.

Now that he knows that, he can’t keep sticking his nose into her business.

“Adwoa Safo is in the United States. She is not my wife, and I only have two kids with her. She is an independent person, so it is her choice to stay wherever she is.

“I did my part, but it didn’t work, so I’m giving up. So, no one should ask me if she doesn’t come back… because she is married and I can’t get in the middle of her marriage… “I did what I could, but it didn’t work,” he said.