Adakabre Buried In A Coffin For Supporting Obaapa Christy – Pastor Love

A well-known Ghanaian prophet who has now turned into a TicTok star confesses of buried a radio presenter  Adakabre Frimpong Manso as he uses his platform to speak against him during the time of his marital issues. 

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Pastor love at Mama radio in an interview with radio host Empress touched on people who make false allegations against others to destroy others with the intention of defaming others to gain fame and wealth. 

As he was speaking, Pastor love made reference to the case between himself and his ex-wife who committed adultery during the time of their marriage but gain the favor of Adakabre Frimpong Manso to use his platform against him. 

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When the pastor was speaking he expand that when someone intentionally wrongs him, he will not take the person to legal court but will use herbal medicine to perform spiritual directions against such person for as pastors’ they profit from their name. As a result, he will also do anything in his spiritual powers to destroy the person. 

Pastor love detailed that, he sometimes pays a mortician an amount of money so that as they prepare bodies of the dead, he can put a name that he the pastor has written on a paper to insert into the mouth of the dead body as a sign to eliminate the voice of the particular radio or television presenter from the air as they buried the coffin. As a sign, no human born on earth will be able to pay attention to their presentation. 

Confessing that, he has done many divine directions against Adakabre which is a result of him becoming limited in radio presentation. 

Adding that, there are other presenters whom he has to perform his divine directions against them as they continue to speak false information against him.