Ada lady who k!lked Kumawood actor Tutu for defrauding her confesses [WATCH]

A few weeks ago, it was reported that Kumawood actor Osei Tutu has passed away.

After his sudden demise, his mother granted an interview and revealed shocking circumstances behind the death of her son.

According to the mother, Osei Tutu was k!lled by some of his colleagues in the movie industry.

Well, the real cause of Tutu’s death has been revealed.

From the video below, Tutu died out of curse after he duped a market woman. This was revealed by Nana Hoahi, former right hand of Rev Obofour.

According to him, he was at home one day when he received a phone call from a woman who claimed to be from Ada.

He stated that the lady begged him to contact Tutu in order for him to return her ¢200, and that the lady stated that she sent the money to the late actor after he promised her that if she sent him $200, she would receive ¢2,000 in return, but Tutu failed to honour his promise after receiving the money.

Hoahi claimed that the lady informed him in no uncertain terms that if Tutu did not return the money, she would place a spiritual embargo on his voice and eventually kill him.

Watch the video below;