Abena Korkor releases Nkonkonsa's WhatsApp chat

Abena Korkor releases Nkonkonsa’s WhatsApp chat as an evidence to support her claims.

After she named him in the list of men who had enjoyed her body, Korkor maturely sent Eugene an apology privately after her bipolar episode ended.

Eugene read message live on Peace Fm when he made that disclosure.

Nkonkonsa was only trying to clear his name but Abena Korkor saw that as a betrayal and decided to meet force with force.

The lady who is suffering from Bipolar Disorder said despite all those bold claims from Eugene, she never loved him to sleep with her; he only ate her coochie.

Korkor said she keeps proof of all their WhatsApp chats so she’s not lying, showing some parts of the chats in her video.

Have a look at the video below.

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