Abass Siriki subtly warns his wife

Abass Siriki subtly warns his wife Ayisha Modi, to stop mentioning his name because he doesn’t want to get involved.

Abass Siriki is termed by his followersas the president of every Ghana youth although it is not known widely he is loved by many.

Abas Sariki, Ayisha Modi’s alleged husband, has warned her not to drag him into fights with others. Abbas has expressed his displeasure with Ayisha’s habit of dragging his name through the mud for the sake of unnecessary fights with others.

During Ayisha’s feud with Shatta Wale, Shatta stated that the former’s claim that Abbas Sariki was her husband was nothing but a lie.

Taking to social media, Abas revealed that he is a family man with responsibilities, and that his reputation is at stake, so Ayisha should stop dragging him.

Abas Sariki has stated unequivocally that if Ayisha Modi and the other girls continue to drag him into their fights, he will take them on.

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Meanwhile, a Doctor kills his two children by injecting them with insulin when they had not done anything to deserve such death.

Sad as Doctor k!lls his two children

A doctor in Nakuru, Kenya, is accused of murdering his two children by injecting them with insulin before attempting suicide.

According to Nakuru County Police Commander Beatrice Kiraguri, who confirmed the unfortunate incident, James Gakara injected his two children with insulin before turning to himself, but the insulin’s effect on him was slow.

Gakara was rescued and taken to hospital with police escort, while bodies of the two children have been taken to Nakuru Municipal mortuary.

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