Ruby of Date Rush describes the kind of man she wants to date[VIDEO]

A Tv3 Date Rush manager wanted to rape me-Ruby of Date rush reveals in an interview with Zonfelix.

We can all remember when Ruby, a contestant of date rush reality show, got broken-hearted, as she took to Twitter to share her sad story.

According to her, the manager took advantage of the fact that she was looking for love to make advances at her and if she had not been wary, he would have raped her.

Ruby went on to say she asked the man to come to her place so they could sign a contract to that effect after the end of the Date Rush season she was featured on.

She then asked the man to come over to her place so they could talk and sign a contract to that effect but the man in question had a different thought about the whole meeting.

She narrated that the man came and in the course of their discussions, he tried touching her and sort of forcing himself unto her.

According to Ruby, she managed to wriggle free from the man’s grasp and went out of the room which got the man to stop his advances.

She however did not mention the name of this manager who nearly raped her.

Have a look at the video below.

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