A political party wants to use Rawlings finger nails and hair for rituals – Nigel Gaisie reveals

Prophet Nigel Gaisie of Prophetic Hill Chapel has dropped a new prophecy over late former president Jerry John Rawlings. The popular man of God revealed that there is an agenda to get finger nails and the hair of Rawlings for rituals by a political party to do juju ahead of the forthcoming general elections.

The NDC tagged prophet charged the family of  the late President to keep a closed eye on his dead body.

Prophet Nigel called on the chief of Anlo and Rawlings’ family to protect the body as soon as possible for a political party has conspired to get his finger nails and hair for political gains.

Nigel took to Facebook to share the prophecy to notify the relatives of the late President to act immediately before it becomes late.

Prophet Nigel Gaise who saw what one political party wanted to gain from the upcoming elections have decided to use those things for their spiritual gains and warn with alarming words ” yoo yoo yoo” three times to mean this is very serious.

“Let the chief of Anlo, The Respected Family Of The Late Former President H.E.Rawlings keep a Consistent EYE AND ATTENTION AT WHERE HE IS NOW. There is an AGENDA TO GET HIS NAILS AND HAIR FOR A RITUAL FOR A POLITICAL GAIN. Again, they have been told to get his nails and hair. YOO YOO YOO To whom, it may concern. I dey my corner!16days to elections, I hear I go talk, I see I go talk…..I AM ONLY A PROPHET. SERIOUS VIGILANCE AT HIS RESPECTED BODY.