A Plus exposes Big man paying $500,000 to cover up the k!lling in Apiate explosion

A Plus exposes Big man paying $500,000 to cover up the k!lling in Apiate explosion in order for his business to survive.

On 20th January, Ghana had very terrible news as there was a gas explosion in a town around Bogoso,Apiate.

Several people lost and were injured their lives while many people also lost their homes ad other valuable properties.

While the people are mourning and struggling to count their losses, A PLus has also released a lengthy post on Facebook which details how an individual is paying a huge amount of money for his own financial benefit.

He wrote via Facebook that:

“The company which was transporting explosives that caused the accident at Apiate was warned severally that a disaster was imminent. This is according to WhatsApp voice messages, which, according to my sources, were sent to the manager of the company when he refused to pick his calls. I personally listened to these messages on an honorable member of parliament’s phone on Friday,” 

“Finally, even if it did have a police escort, why will any sensible person born of a woman, sanction the transportation of a product which can explode at any time and cause such damage to lives and property, through densely populated areas, all the way to Apiate, even if it was being escorted by US marines?  What if this explosion happened at Bogoso?

“Why is somebody not behind bars? The answer is very simple. While you donate to help the poor people of Apiate, Someone, according to the information I have, is going round, paying as much as $500,000 to cover up the killing and permanent physical and emotional injuries caused to many poor people who have never seen gold in their lives before,”