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Many who are in satanic group worship believe soul sacrificing is necessary to give something to gain for a better result of something needed. Some group sacrifices blood, food, animal, or other parts of their body. It is believed another group of the satanic world is asked to sacrifice their loved ones to gain wealth. 

News broke on social media of Moesha Boduong’s repentance following by accepting Jesus Christ as her personal savior as she gives away her properties acquired through the past years. 

Debating if Moesha’s repentance is for trending to gain popularity, Adu Sarfowaa used her social media page to make a publication stating that, Moesha was dating a businessman who has exchange her soul for the devil. 

Adu Sarfowaa also granted an interview at Peace FM explaining that she also has dreams about Moesha having a conversation with her. In the interview, Sarfowaa made a revelation that someone connected Moesha to a big man who is not a Ghanaian leading her to her spiritual attack. 

She later stated Moesha has the party for a girl which through that party she was connected to the Nigerian businessman leading to her current situation. 

Below is the interview: 






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