A man bought me a Jeep wrangler- Ruby of Date Rush[VIDEO]

A man bought me a Jeep wrangler

A man bought me a Jeep wrangler, Ruby of Date Rush has revealed during a recent interview.

Ruby has 4 other siblings and she’s the 3rd and only girl amongst them.

Ruby, however, revealed that she prefers a tall and handsome man but in all the person should have money.

During the recent interview with GHpage, she revealed that after her appearance on the TV reality show, Date Rush, a good samaritan gifted her a Jeep Wrangler.

Ruby described the ‘mysterious man’ as a rich cool guy whose main reason for buying her the car was that he saw her in his dreams.

Ruby of Date Rush describes the kind of man she wants to date[VIDEO]

She disclosed the man is outside Ghana and intends to come to Ghana at the end of the year.

“From the look of things, he has money so I don’t mind at all. Once I’ll be comfortable and have my peace of mind, yes I’ll marry him without hesitation,” she said.

Although she did not mention the type of Jeep Wrangler, we assume it would not be anything expensive as the average price of a 2016 Wrangler is $32,100, so that might be very cheap.

In a separate interview, she said can’t date a student or a guy who just started working. It must be a guy who must have worked for a while, has a car, home don’t can be comfortable,” 

Have a look at the video below.