A Mad Woman Gives Birth To Twins

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Social media user, Grace Etim used a social media group page Marriage and relationship counseling to share a story of a mentally ill woman who has given birth to twins. 

In sharing the story, Grace stated for about a year, she has been seeing the woman around with a happy face. She later saw the woman pregnant as a result, she assisted her in giving her food.

On Tuesday, March 29, 2022, Grace reported the woman has given birth to twins at a marketplace in her community. 

Below is her post. 


“Been seeing this mad woman for almost a year now on my way to work. She always looks so happy & unlike other mad people who are furious & wild, she’s such a calm & friendly soul. if not for the fact that she looks dirty, you would hardly even notice she is mentally ill.

When i saw her pregnant, i couldn’t help but shed tears, someone must have taken advantage of her calm & friendly nature & got her pregnant.

Every weekend, i take some food along for her & try to clean up the nasty & dirty looking environment in which she sleeps..

During her pregnancy, There hasn’t been a single day she was being examined by a doctor, I always had this fear she might not give birth successfully without complications because of the type of unkept food & very dirty water she has been drinking.

But today, everyone was shocked when she gave birth to twins in the market, very cute & healthy babies.”

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Source: adepanews.com