A ‘big man’ used and dumped me — Auntie B

Celebrated actress, Harriet Naa Ocantey widely known as Auntie B has narrated how a ‘big man’ used and dumped her.

According to the actress who have been in the movie industry for over three decades, most of her colleague celebrities are taken for granted by men.

Speaking in an interview monitored Adepanews.com, she said some men just come into the lives of female celebrities only to taste their ‘honey pot’ and later dump them.

Auntie B opened up on how a prominent man who was a traditional ruler used and dumped her after opening her legs for him.

“I quite remember, a respectable man came into my life. He expressed his love for me, and even proposed marriage, but after he ‘hit and ran’, it became difficult reaching him. At that moment, I realised he had just come to ‘taste me’. Do I look like soup? I really dealt with him to serve as a lesson.

“Yes, some men just hit and run but in my case, I considered his personality and thought that a man his age will respect himself.the painful part is the rough
sex he took me through (laughs),” she said.