7 passengers killed in a horrific accident

Information reaching Adepanews.com confirms that 7 passengers of a Sprinter Benz bus have reportedly died after a horrible accident.

The incident which occurred on the night of Monday 26th October 2020 took place on the Wenchi-Wa highway.

A source relayed that, the Benz truck is assumed to be moving from Wa in the Upper West Region to Kumasi.

Explaining what transpired for the fatal accident to occur, the source added that the long journey car somersaulted several times after it swerved a vehicle lying idle at the outskirts of New Longoro road.

The sprinter registered AS 7457-20 then crashed into a valley taking the lives of all seven passengers on board the vehicle.

The names of four (4) deceased passengers are Ama Lydia (23 years), Ayishetu Hamza (18 years), Ama Grace (6 years), and Solomon Yiregyema (3 years).

The names of the remaining three (3) are yet to be identified and they would be published as soon they are compiled.

The bodies of the deceased have been taken to the Wenchi Methodist Hospital.