68-Year-Old Virgin Granny

68-Year-Old Virgin Granny shares secret to abstinence from having a good time in bed.

Abstinence, unlike not eating, doesn’t physically damage you, at least not directly ,experts say but the old woman said she has remained a virgin since childbirth.

Abstinence is defined by not having any form of s£xual intercourse.

The South African lady identified as Malisebo Lebuso believes s£x is a demon and she fights it with the Bible!

Yeah ,you heard me right,the 68-year-old from Victory Farm near Clocolan in the Free State told the Daily Sun that she defeated that feeling and is still a virgin.

She said

“I have had hundreds of men asking me out in my life and I turned them all down. I lived with my sister, who died 2 years ago, and we both abstained from sex. I do have feelings but when they come, I take out my Bible, kneel and pray for the temptation to go away,”

Also,Yaa Jackson’s father reveals secret behind her daughter’s bad dressing in an interview.

Yaa Jackson is one of the finest talents nurtured by the Kumawood film industry.

Yaa Jackson's father reveals secret behind her daughter's bad dressing

Mr Bentum, a well-known Kumawood movie producer, stated that her daughter’s management is also responsible for how she dresses because they advise her on what to wear to increase business.

He went on to say that Ghanaians should understand her daughter and recognize that she is a good girl who only exposes herself on social media and other platforms because she works in show business and needs to stay relevant.

He said

“My daughter is a very good girl at home but only dresses like the way she does because she is in the show business and her manager is the one taking care of her so he is the one that tells her what to do and I respect that”

“That doesn’t mean she is a prostitute. She is working according to the ways of show business. So it’s work. Those who don’t understand would say all sorts of things,”