63-year-old lady, two daughters and grandchild jailed for stealing maize

A 63-year-old lady has narrated how a Court sentenced her, two daughters, and her grandchild who is about six months old to prison three months each for stealing maize.

According to the old lady, the owner of the maize farm threatened to take them to court when he spotted them on the farm claiming that they came to steal. They pleaded with the farm owner to free them and go back to their family for they didn’t come to steal but only came to look for something for food. Their plead however fell on deaf ears.

Political activist, Kwame A-Plus who shared the video and calling on the Ghana Police Service to look into the matter disclosed that the women were reported to the police at Adeisso who later demanded GHS 600 to close the case but unfortunately for them, they were able to raise only half of the money which is GHS 300.

The police after taking the money arraigned them before the court who jailed them for six months initially but reduced it to 3 months after a plead by a family member who said the old lady has kids to take of. They were sent to Nsawam Prison in the Eastern Region to serve their jail term.

A-Plus took to Facebook and wrote;

Dear Ghana Police Service, A 63-year-old lady, her two daughters, and her grandchild of about 6 months was jailed for 3 months each for stealing maize. 🌽 According to them, your officers at Adesso demanded six million old Ghana cedis (six hundred Ghana cedis) to close the case. Unfortunately for them, they were able to raise only three hundred Ghana cedis. After collecting the three hundred cedis, they were arranged before a judge who jailed them and a child of about 6 months. How can you demand a bribe and when these poor people can organize part payment you still take them to court to be jailed?

It is without a doubt that the police are a vital institution in society. I’m therefore not here to discredit the entire Ghana Police Service because of the bad nuts within. However, we are all aware of such happenings in the service. Kindly investigate this matter and find justice for these poor women.

Video credit: Crime Check TV GH. Kindly follow them for many of such stories.

Watch the video below;