59-Year-Old Mother Turns Bus Driver To Take Care Of Her Children After Demise Of Her Husband

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A 59-year-old woman in Nigeria took a bank loan to buy a bus after the death of her husband. 

According to the news, she took the loan to buy a bus so that she could use it to carry passengers to earn income to pay for her children’s school fees. 

“After the death of her husband, a Nigerian woman named Beauty Agbaduta refused to be lazy or stay idle as she became a bus driver.

The 59-year-old mum said she took a loan and bought a bus and she takes passengers on inter-state travels from Lagos. She is succeeding!

Now, she has used the business to train her kids up to university level. In fact, her son has a masters degree and her last child is doing NYSC. Brave woman sighted!”


Source: adepanews.com