has gathered 5 interesting facts about the 52-year-old woman claiming to be Rawlings’ first daughter.

According to Abigail Rawlings, a 52-year-old woman, her mother met her late father in his military days but he demanded to keep their relationship secret. In the course of their affair, her mother became pregnant but the former president denied responsibility.

Speaking in an interview, she said that most of the external family members in the village of the founder of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) know her because she had been to them on several occasions.

5 interesting facts about Abigail Rawlings, the 52-year-old woman claiming to be Rawlings' first daughter
Abigail Rawlings

‘Most of the external family in the village know me. When my mom told me about my father, I went to the family, ”

After news about her broke which she claimed to the decided to engage in a little research about her and we came over some interesting findings.

  1. Abigail’s mother was allegedly impregnated the Jerry John Rawlings at age 20.

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  2. Her mother Rose Agbodzi Sende was from Togo.
  3. Abigail grew up with an old lady at Adabraka, in Ghana knowing she had only a mother with no details about her father.
  4. Abigail first disclosed details about her relationship with Jerry John Rawlingson a radio interview at Atinka FM.
  5. Abigail Rawlings said she wrote a letter to Daily Graphic for publication but they requested a paternity test to verify her claims.

According to her, she confided in Maame Dokono but she informed her if anyone hears what she’s saying, she might be killed, and as such gave her some money to move out of town.

She also disclosed that she was ever ready to do a DNA test to prove that the former President Jerry John Rawlings was her father.