Kwaku Annan has been taking ¢500 bribe from pastors - Nigel Gaisie [VIDEO]

Kwaku Annan should take me to court if he has a case,Nigel Gaisie said when he recently appeared on Live TV.

He says Kweku Anann,the show host for Net2 TV’s The hot seat ,sent him a letter asking him to apologize for saying he’s a corrupt individual who takes money from people to prevent him from airing their videos.

Nigel Gaisie,leader of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, further added that the letter was from Lawyer Stephen Asante Bekoe who represents Net 2 TV presenter, Kwaku Annan.

In Nigel Gaisie’s own words he said;

“I came today and they gave me a letter that you are demanding a retraction and an apology, you see you are a little man. You give me two weeks to retract, you see you are not confident and you are not bold.

I think you should know me that I am not a coward, you are a bribe-taker, you took a bribe, it’s on tape. You sit on television belonging to people who have lived life and you insult men of God,”

He added “For the past year, you have made me your agenda. Whatever you want from me I don’t know, whatever you want from me and my church I don’t know. And if somebody should take somebody to court, I have to take you to court. You sat on that TV station and called me a murderer.”

“I just came to tear your letter. Kwaku Annan, I have no respect for you, if you are a man, go to court. He that goes to equity must go with clean hands.

You sat on TV to denigrate me but when I came I just spitted you and you came to vomit like a dog. You sat on the TV and accused me of killing Ebony, do you know the colossal and monumental damages it caused me?”

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