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On Thursday 7th, January 2020,, reported the death of award-winning songstress Becca’s mother Madam Julie Yiadom-Oti. 

The report was stated that the singer lost her mother through a short illness in which on 8 January 2020, Becca made a social media post to confirm the death of her mother to her followers as she writes: 

“ One of the darkest days of my life. I just lost My mom…Madam Julie Oti following a very brief illness”. She continued to state “ this shock and pain is unbearable and the family would like to beg for understanding and respect of our privacy during this difficult time to mourn”. 

Becca To End Her Music Career

Following up with the news, Madam Julie was buried in the United Kingdom on Saturday 20th February 2021 with restricted burial attendance to close family and friends, following Covid-19 restrictions. 

As followers of Becca were expecting to see the singer paying her last respect to her mother, it was in surprise that the singer did not attend the funeral and not give a public explanation as to her reason for not attending the event. The report gives that her two brothers read their tribute with others. 

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For such a reason, Prophet Antwi, granting an interview on Oman Channel on Youtube stated that Becca, should visit her mother’s grave with Red Flowers and if not it will be the end of her music career. 

He continues to enforce that she visits the mother’s grave to beg for forgiveness or else it will affect her and will continue to become a generational curse. 

Becca To End Her Music Career

Becca To End Her Music Career

Becca To End Her Music Career

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