Apply Wisdom In Your Prophecies – Celestine Donkor To Cecilia Marfo

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News reported Cecilia Marfo’s spiritual behavior towards award-winning gospel musicians, Joyce Blessing, at Unity Group of Companies turned out to be sour as it was expecting to be a thanksgiving service.

 Cecelia who once slapped Brother Sammy during his song ministry plus delivering Grace Ashy during a gospel program repeated her spiritual behavior towards Joyce Blessing. 

Cecilia was seen running towards the stage as Joyce was ministering a song. Upon mounting on the stage, Cecilia grabbed the microphone from Joyce and said to her to return to her husband as she is inspired by God to tell her. This presentation on the side of Cecilia has left many to present their opinion which seems not to favor Cecilia. 

As many are sharing their views, award winner Celestine Donkor, in an interview shares her opinion when she was asked what she thinks of the prophecy of Cecilia Marfo now that she has openly prophesied in public to Joyce Blessing about her marriage. 

In responding to the question, Celestine stated, every individual does have their level of faith plus handles issues around them differently. 

“ You see everybody and their level of faith, and their strength, the inner strength as to what they can take, what can break them, and what can push them into depression. And these are very unpleasant things to talk about. We are not proud to talk about these things..” 

She continues to say that, she has had an encounter with Cecilia and she has given her prophecies, due to such, she can not challenge her ministry but opted Cecilia to apply wisdom to her presentation during her prophecies, for every individual is on a different level when it comes to prophetic faith.

Below is a video: