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A successful refugee who migrated from Ethiopia to Italy has been murdered by her assistant. 

A Ghanaian man given his name to be Adams Suliemani, is arrested by Italian police as he confesses to be the main suspect of the crime for an ongoing investigation.  

As, listening to the details of the report, the deceased name is given as Agitu Gudeta and is a successful farmer in Northern Italy who employed a Ghanian man Suliemani for farm work.

According to the report, there was an argument between the Agitu and Suliemani over an unpaid payment which triggered Suliemani to pick a hummer to hit the Agitu’s head leading her to bleed. As she was bleeding, Sulieman ignored to call the police to come to her aid but raped Agitu to death. 

Agitu is known by many as a refugee who escaped from Ethiopia capital in 2010 after protecting against the “land-grabbing” angered local authorities. She became successful in making goat cheese and beauty products in her fame ( The Happy Goat) after migrating to Italy under refugee status. 

Report says the 32 year old Ghanaian man is under police custody for ongoing investigation.