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For about three years, the government of Ghana has decided to stop sending domestic workers to Jordan and the Gulf countries for unknown reasons.

 As the decision of the government is ongoing, the president of the Domestic Helpers Recruitment Agencies Association, Kahled Hseinat, in June 2017, made a claim that Jordan respects its contracts with the African Countries in terms of recruiting domestic workers. 

In June 2017, Hseinat, in an interview with the Jordan times noted there were about 1,500 domestic workers on their soil and stressed to make sure the Labour Ministry will coordinate with the concerned Ghanaian authorities to address issues that might lead to stop Ghanaians from sending domestic workers to Jordan. 

On Thursday, December 31, 2020,  One Ghana Tv, on Youtube, made a report of a female domestic worker who met her untimely death as she was at Jordan as a domestic worker. 

 Listening to the details of the story by in an audio, the deceased’s name was given as Elizabeth Antwi. it stated Elizabeth attempted to committee suicide during her line of demostic work, by jumping through a window. Eye witnesses called the police and ambulance which she was taken to the hospital for emergency care. 

Unfortunately, police gave a report on 31 December 2020 that Elizabeth has passed on and they are in search of her family members. 

“ We are very sorry, ahh now I have to tell you, because I have been trying my best but I couldn’t succeed. One Lady from Ghana, she jumps from the third floor then she fall down. The police and ambulance they took her to the hospital the name Bashili hospital, and we have bad news that she pass away. Actually I went immediately when I know, I heard the news, I went to the police station. They give me the name but they told me you can’t go to see her, you are not allowed to see her because she was trying to commit suicide. Now we have been fighting and have tried but this is when we fight the information about the ID or the residence for Jordan where he was working…… Here in Jordan because of Corona, you are  not supposed to visit anyone in the hospital.”

“ Now her name is Elizabeth, she jumped two weeks ago and she passed away on 24 but today is when they released the news about her death. ..” 

As police are searching for Elizabeth’s family,, will follow up with any given update to bring to its readers. 



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