VIDEO: Nigel Gaisie curses a beautiful church member who voted for Akufo Addo in the just ended 2020 elections.

Just when we thought all these pastors were going to amicably get their wounds healed after giving out ‘fake’ prophecies and projections, Nigel has done the unthinkable.

Nigel Gaisie, the founder of Prophetic Hill Chapel, prophesied that the NDC’s John Mahama was going to win the 2020 presidential election hands down but his prophecy failed.

A mother has revealed that her daughter was cursed by Nigel to suffer for the rest of her life because she voted for the NPP.

The mother first made the disclosure while speaking to Angel FM sometime ago.

In a new video, the lady who received the curse made more disclosures.

According to Bridget, she has a group in which they all tease themselves so when the NDC lost the elections the members decided to troll the NDC folks in the group.

Bridget further revealed that one of Nigel Gaisie’s junior pastor messaged her asking why she’s making fun of the NDC while she knows that the leader of the church has prophesied on behalf of the NDC after which she sent screenshots to her mother.

According to Bridget, she received a call from Nigel asking her if she has a problem with him or the church for voting for the NPP and then received the curse from him and a Junior pastor.

The lady added that she went to the church with her mother to confront Nigel on why he would curse her over political issues and they were nearly lynched by some men in the church.

Have a look at the video below.