You Are Too Stupid – Ogyam Descends On Agradaa

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Immigrants who returned to their native countries after arriving abroad often did so for a short period. This is due to working conditions as most immigrants are known to be working for companies with limited vacation periods given to them.  Others returned home to live permanently on retirement after acquiring properties. 

Due to employees’ restrictions on vacation periods in foreign countries, people are limited in their visitation plus some are at higher risk for some diseases for many do not take precautions in food intakes. As education is given, travellers take their vaccines and seek doctor’s advice before travelling. 

 Few times, some immigrants ship vehicles to their home country when visiting but due to the global marketing, many have opened businesses such as car rentals for visitors staying for a short period of time. Such reasons, many who travel to their home are now into car rentals. 

A video was seen on the social media of a fetist priestess, Nana Agradaa commenting on immigrants visiting their home land without their own cars but rather going on rentals plus also travellers eating from a residence of Ghana’s house.

After Nana Agradaa’s statement, a social media commentator and also movie actor, Ogyam, is also out to respond to the statement. According to Ogyam, Agradaa is not enlightened. He pinpoints that, when presidents of Ghana visit other countries they do not take their vehicles with them. Plus when one visits another person’s house and they cook to eat, he does not see anything wrong with it. 

“ Maame Agradaa, you are not enlightened at all, I tell you, Maame Agradaa, is foolish, you people think I am lying. Agradaa, so you will use your T.V station to always speak foolishly like this…… Agradaa be enlightened for you are too stupid. ….You are a woman with no knowledge….” Agyam speaks. 

Below is the video: