I Will Curse You With Antoah – Nayas Fires Back Pamela Odame

As Kumawood actress Pamela Odame Watare granting interviews in reacting to the allegations placed against her by Nana Wood popularly known in the entertainment news as Nana Tornado on the grounds of calling her a prostitute, she is also pushing blame on the ex-girlfriend of gospel musician Ernest Opoku, Nayas, who is the host of  Kantanka TV, an Adult Show now a married woman as husband known on social media as Borga Pinpinies. 

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Pamela in an interview on Atinka TV Entertainment City show with Nana Adwoa Annan states she will no longer be in a sister term with Nayas under the grounds of allowing Nana Tornado to pronounce her a prostitute for she was expecting her as a sister to discontinue the program. 

For such reasons, Nayas also uses her social media page ( Facebook) to give account of her side of the story and also warns Pamela Odame. Nayas in explaining her side of the story says she has had several adult shows with Pamela as she has taken Pamela as her little sister. 

According to her, when she was inviting Pamela to her show, she made it known to her that she will be on the show with Nana Tornado in which Pamela had no issues with it but only to tell her Tornado owns her 60 Ghana Cedis. Nayas stated she agreed she should come to the show and if in case Tornado refuses to pay the money he owes, she will pay the money to Pamela as she agreed. 

Nayas in her live video explaining, Pamela abandoning the program and also refusing to responds to phone calls made to her by producer on a live show as Nayas hosting the show wanted her to give responds to the allegations placed against her but Pamela made a phone call to her two days later after the show with her friend’s ( Akosua) phone. 

Pamela, pushing blame on her for allowing Tornado to speak evil against her on her show.  Nayas said she answered she did not know Tornado would speak such against her and did not know Tornado until he showed up on her program and said she apologized to her on the phone and had to discontinue the phone conversation. 

As Nayas was warning Pamela, she also confirmed Pamela is not her friend but took her as a younger sister but as Pamela granting interviews to insult her, she will also speak up. 

Adding up to her explanation, she said Pamela went to Atinka TV to insult her and if Pamela do stop stating she had joined Tornado to disgrace her in which she knew nothing of, she would use the traditional gods Antoah to curse her .

She concluded that, she will gain nothing for disgracing Pamela and warns her not to involve her family in their issues for her mother cooked for her to eat during her birthday. 

Below is the video: