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Nana Wood popularly known as Nana Tornado, speaking on a one-night stand on Kantanka TV, an adult show hosted by Kumawood actress Nayas, made a revelation of having a one night stand with Pamela Odame Watare.. 

Expanding he had fun with Pamela and had sexually activities but had no sex. Later, Pamela is seen on the internet as a Ghanaian celebrity. Tornado said he met Pamela as a prostitute and fell in love with her but never knew she was a Ghanaian because Pamela introduced herself to him as Kenyan. 

Pamela also on Atinka TV’s Entertainment City show with Nana Adwoa Annan reacted to the allegations placed against her. She admitted attending the club with Tornado but she did not attend with him as a prostitute as she got to know Tornado from social media. She admitted she introduced herself to Tornado as Kenyan for that is where she is originally from but did not specify if Tornado knew she had the knowledge of the Ghanaian ( Twi ) language. The actress also confirms she never visited his house but had fun with Tornado of no sex. 

As the interview was on, Pamela stated she is disappointed in Nayas as the host of the program for allowing Tornado to speak negatively about her for she has taken Nayas as her sister. “ If it was her biological sister that he was speaking against, will she not stop him ? “ And he went on to say Pamela Odame is a prostitute.” 

As Pamela continues, she stated for such a reason, she is cool with Nayas but can no longer be in a sister relationship with her for the fact that she could not defend her as a sister in public. 

Below is the video: