Former HIV/AIDS Ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Mensah in a facebook post has made a mahoosive claim that she is the late Suzzy Williams. 

September 8, 2005, Ghanaians were hit with a devastating news. One of the nation’s beloved actress, Suzzy Williams died in a car accident. Suzzy Williams has been missed ever since.

But Joyce Dzidor Mensah believes otherwise. According to a post on facebook she claims that she is the late suzzy williams and pleaded with Ghanaians to forgive her.

Hello Ghanaians I’m Suzzy Williams. I didn’t die after my accident. I went into hiding and had plastic surgery and came back as Joyce Dzidzor Mensa. Sorry for hiding myself” She stated.

Ghanaians on social media did not take it easy on the former  HIV/AIDS Ambassador. Many wondered what these slay queens turn celebrities drink that gets them to do such things.

Joyce Dzidzor is already in the news for claiming that an NPP man called nana is the one who bought her the 4 bedroom apartment she lives in.

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