2 UPSA students sacked

2 UPSA students sacked from their hostel for engaging in lesbianism which the school says is against their constitution.

The act, according to the school’s management, is in violation of Section 1.28.11(g) of the University of Professional Studies, Accra; 2018 Student Handbook and Schedule G 8.3 (23) of its Statute.

In addition to removal from the hostel, the administration stated in a notice that it may pursue other disciplinary procedures against the students for violating school policies.

The university said in a notice dated 23rd November 2021.

An excerpt of the notice reads.

“Desist from sexual misconduct and observe all other rules and regulations in the Hostel as well as the Student Handbook. Any student caught infringing any of the regulations will not be spared.

“Engaging in acts of lesbianism is contrary to Section 1.28.11(g) of the Student Handbook of the University of Professional Studies, Accra; 2018 and Schedule G 8.3 (23) of the Statute of the University.

“They have since been dismissed from UPSA Hostel awaiting further sanctions from Management,”

Have a look at the photo of the notice below.

2 UPSA students sacked


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