2 killed, MP car burnt after NDC attack NPP supporters in Dormaa

Two (2) unidentified men have been reportedly murdered after a bloody fight flared between allies of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) over a minor misunderstanding.

This battle materialized right in front of the newly constructed Dormaa West District Assembly office which was erected  by Akuffo Addo.

Sources relay that the fight broke out after the two accused each other of bringing foreigners from neighboring Côte Divoire to temper with the electoral Commission register.

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The two (2) causalities died after they sustained severe cutlass wounds and burning respectively.

Party cars of the ruling New Patriotic Party NPP designated to Honorable Ali Maiga have been burnt into ashes as he ran away for safety, 4 motorbikes are also gone in the same process.

The member of Parliament for the area Honorable Ali Maiga of the NPP has called for calm in the area.

” It’s not about whom you want to give power. It’s about the development and progress of Dormaa West especially Nkrankwanta.

Please nobody should fight. If we fight and we all die, whom are we fighting for? Let  Peace prevail ”

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The sitting NPP MP who was battered by the attack announced the tragic incident on the local communication center at Nkrankwantam.