A 19-year-old girl who hails from Awoshie in the Greater Accra region has been stabbed multiple times by her brother and mother after catching them ‘eating’ themselves in bed.

The news as reported by Angelonline has it that the teenager chanced upon her 42-year-old mother sleeping with her 18-year-old boy in a single room they all live in.

According to the report, the young girl indicated that the romantic relationship between her mother and son has caused a separation between the woman and her step’s father.

The young girl whose name real name was concealed from the public during the interview but was given the name Akos revealed that anytime the mother visits the husband, her brother gets angry because of their amorous relationship.

She said in the interview that her mother and brother conspired to end her life by stabbing her because they were not getting enough space to go on with their incestuous love affair ever since she came from her Aunt’s place to further her education.

The witness of the affair revealed that she woke up one day to see her mother and brother pulling out her intestines after stabbing her.

It took the intervention of an Aunty in the same house who took her around for immediate medical care.

19-year-old girl st@bbed multiple times after catching her brother & mother 'eating' themselves
Akos on sick bed

According to her, they first visited Ga West Municipal hospital, later to Korle Bu then to Ridge hospital which all confirmed the shortage of beds to accommodate her.

The victim when she later got to 37, they also told her there was no bed, however, a talk to the doctor to have mercy on her and save her life was worthwhile.

The case was subsequently reported to the Anaya police. Her mother and brother were arrested.

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