19-year-old boy proposes to 17-year-old girlfriend with surprise birthday stunt

A 19-year-old boy has romantically proposed to his girlfriend on her 17th birthday with a surprised stunt.

The 19-year-old boy organized a surprise birthday celebration party for her girlfriend in a background that looks like a hotel room or guest house.

The surprise stunt comes with loads of gifts and a trumpeter to serenade the girlfriend.

In a video we have spotted, the 19-year-old boy took his girlfriend to the room and upon seeing the surprise party with beautiful decorations, the girlfriend expressed shock.

Knowing that it was the best time to shoot his shot, the boy went on his knee and proposed to her.

The trumpeter instantly played his role and started playing the trumpet to make the environment so cold and beautiful.

The lady with you in her heart accepted the proposal.

Watch the video below;