12 Years Old Fires Gun At A Mosque killing 1 With 1 In Critical Condition

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Celebration of Eid Al-Adha turns bloody as it is reported a 12-year-old boy fires gun causing the death of two leading others to flee the mosque as stated by local media.

On Tuesday,  20th July 2021, some members of the Muslim community at Kumasi Aboabo #2 Ghana, attended the mosque for prayer as they celebrate Eid Al Adha. As the leader finishes with preaching and prayers with many in their celebration stage, they hear gun fires causing fear and panic with others making attempt to search for the source of the gun shoot. 

In search, it was identified a 12-year-old boy was the one who is having the gun on him. Some elders tried taking the gun from the boy which resulted in a power struggle, causing one to death and another in critical condition admitted to the hospital. 

An eye witness stated he doesn’t know the boy to be from the community and also added similar situation happened last year. 

Below is the video: 

Source: adepanews.com