1 person allegedly shot in Lower Manya Krobo over prepaid installation

Information gathered has it that one person has sustained a gunshot wound at Nuanso in the Lower Manyo Krobo municipality during the clash between some residents and the military over the installation of prepaid meters by the Electricity Company of Ghana.

The identity of the man who was injured is yet to be revealed but in a video going viral, he bled profusely from his back.

There is brewing tension in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality as some residents of Nuaso, a community in the municipality have accused the military detachment who are assisting the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to install prepaid meters of assault.

The residents allege that the team attacked and severely subjected some of the residents to beatings, even though they did not resist the installation of the meters.

The unprovoked attacks have left many injured while others live in fear.

One of the female victims of the attack explained that “when they came, I was preparing food in the kitchen. They said I should enter my room and I said I was cooking so I cannot go with them.”

“The moment I said I cannot go, they took their cane and started beating me. They said we are going to come again, and we will come and beat you more than this.”

Ebenezer Teye Padi who also sustained injuries to the face and back alleged that one of the soldiers hit his head with the butt of his rifle while sitting with friends.

“We have a resting place, we sit there. We saw the military men coming towards us, they didn’t ask us any questions and they started beating us up. Anybody they saw roaming about, meant that you were their enemy.”

“Nobody told us that ECG and military men are coming to us so if you are a resident you will ask them what they are doing here. That is our mistake. Look at my back, they hit my head with their gun,” he said.