Sakawa boy confesses to k!lling his sister and destroying the wombs of many girls

$1.5million turns into white papers after Pentecost pastor prayed on it during a deliverance section recently.

Patrick Padi, a dying money ritualist, ran to the mission house of a Pastor of The Church of Pentecost in Fanteakwa North District in the Eastern region to seek refuge in Christ.

After complaining of a serious heart complication and being on the verge of death, the ritualist’s grandmother, Christiana Dedeyo, a deaconess of the Church who was unaware of her son’s ritual deeds, led him to the Ahomahomasu District Mission House to be prayed for.

During the prayer session, the District Minister, Pastor Francis Danquah, received a revelation and asked the gentleman if he had been involved in such activities, to which he admitted.

Later, Patrick led them to his house, where they discovered a ‘Ghana Must Go’ bag containing approximately 150 bundles of $100 notes tied together with “dwarf hair” placed on the bag.

Photo of the money below.$1.5million turns into white papers after Pentecost pastor prayed on it

As at the time of making this report, the young man had been delivered and was being monitored by the pastor and other executives of the church.

But surprisingly all the cash in the bag had now turned into empty white papers of the same quantity.